How to use the Magical Extension Kit?

Hi friends!
I found some of you guys are having a hard time with using Magical Extension Kit!
I am here to help youuuu!🥰

Yes, this is unknown until you experience it.
You need 'the trick' for this small business.

Someone says it's innovative,
someone says it's a complete failure.

It will give you the easiest way to extend your nails.
This year's biggest gift, our Art team prepared it.

How to use the Magical Extension Kit perfectly?

First, you need to wipe out any access oil or moisture on your nail.

Next, apply a Magical Nail Solution to prevent damage to your natural nails.

Ultra base gel helps to even out the nail surface and dramatically increases the longevity and the adhesion of the gelnail.

Pick the perfect size for your nail and apply. Press down the edges with the wood stick included.

Cut the UUUUU gelnail to the length you want and place the extension kit.

*If you can’t make the desired shape, move the mold in an up and down motion and find the perfect shape.

Use a wood stick, and roll the back side of the gelnail against the form. This helps to remove any wrinkles or bumps.

Cure the molded gelnail and remove the extension kit gently!
Easy and Fast!

File the extended nail into the desired shape!💅

Trick part!
Apply the glaze top gel enough, to build the thickness on the "inner side" of the extended nails.
*Make sure not to apply it to your skin!
Cover natural nails with the top gel, this will help extended nails stay longer. 

Cure the inner side first, apply the top gel on the outer side, and cure them again!
You can fix the uneven surface in this stage!

I told you! It's Magical💫💛

If you want a full tutorial visit the link down below :)

Always better together, Nail with friends💖


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Wadha on

Where can I buy the “Ultra base gel” ?

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