All about 'MNS'

What is MNS?

It's a Magical Nail Solution, UUUUU Community's best-selling product!
Nail Strengthener & Hardener- Nourish and moisturize, can be used as a nail strip primer too.
Everyone is obsessed with this cutie :)

So many people have used this, and they do recommend this.


Because this primer works for every nail type.
It adds vitamins and nutrients to your natural nails and protects them.
It gives better adhesion, with no lifting or pop-offs.
Protects your natural nails from removing gel strips.

Magical Nail Solution :

-NOURISH (Vitamin E, Collagen, Panthenol, Biotin for nails)
-Quickly dries in about 30 seconds.
-Air dry only.


After wiping your nails with an alcohol swap, apply 1 thin coat to each nail and let air dry for 30 seconds.
To use it as a primer, apply gel strips after nail solution is fully dried.

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