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We grow with global friends

We provide patented inovative UUUUU Gel nails all over the world.
And we give back profits to nail artists and designers who created collaboration designs.

innovation, Happiness for all.
A new nail culture begins.

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UUUUU is a new approach to Nail Art. We make New, Easy, Amazing Nail products for everyone.

What is UUUUU Gelnail?

How many days are satisfied with your nails? I know, That's why you need UUUUU.

The 'UUUUU GelNail' is a new type of gel nail that is made of the actual gel which is cured up to only 50% so it can easily be worn on any nails.
After curing the rest of 50% with UV Gel lamp, the gel becomes completely hardened as the real gel nail polish at the nail salon.

Just try it, It's amazing.

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