Are you a nail artist?

Be the next Coolest Nail Artist with UUUUU!

Become the next coolest nail artist approved by the UUUUU nail community.

If your art is released through art funding, you will receive a silver badge and your collaboration design. We will provide full support for your sales.

What is Good?

Creating New Sources of Income

Through collaboration, you can sell your designs worldwide and generate extra income. If you release your best design as a UUUUU Gel Nail, it could become UUUUU's best-selling design!

With just one design, you can earn additional revenue and also have the option to sell it in offline stores :)

Be a Global Nail Artist with UUUUU Nail Awards.

You can win UUUUU awards every year through collaborations, and there are prizes for the winners as well. Additionally, you can connect with customers from all around the world.

Step 1

Resigster your design

When you register your collaboration design, it will be featured in art funding projects. Submit the best design to ensure successful funding💫

Step 2

Art Funding

Once the funding is successfully completed, the collaboration design will be released.
In most cases, collaborations have resulted in successful funding and product releases! So don't worry🤗

Step 3

Collaboration Launch

Experience the amazing opportunity of having your designs sold to customers all around the world!💖

Step 4

Silver button

We will send you a silver badge, collaboration products, and a magical tool line as gifts!
If you are interested in selling the products offline, please provide your contact information below.

Step 5

2023 Nail Studio Award

We will select three collaboration artists to receive 2023 The Top/ Coolest/ Creative Nail Studio Award. There will be prizes as well, so actively participating in sales will increase your chances of winning!

2023 Nail Studio Awards

2023 The Top Nail Studio Award

The winner will be awarded based on the sales ranking.

2023 The Coolest Nail Studio Award

The winner will be awarded through friends (customer) voting.

2023 The Creative Nail Studio Award

The winner will be awarded based on the creative design.

Artist Info