TikTok Is Obsessed With This "Cherry Mocha" Nail Polish


Black, African-american woman with cherry mocha colored nails


There's no social media platform that moves through trends, aesthetics, and new favorite products as fast as TikTok. Though it may be exhausting to scroll through on a daily basis, when seasons start to change and new wardrobe inspiration is needed, there is no better place to be than the app.

Now that the weather has officially made up its mind and decided it's fall (later than usual, but we'll take it), our For You Pages have become filled with influencers informing us what's in and what's out this season—cherry red, motorcycle boots, and, most surprisingly,Crocs are all in the mix this autumn. But the biggest fall 2023 nail trend we're seeing? Our new favorite nail color, "cherry mocha." The sweet-yet-sultry shade has been everywhere online; however, it's not just your average food-inspired manicure. Ahead, we break down the cherry mocha nail trend you're about to see on everyone's fingertips.

The Trend

The cherry mocha trend isn't misleading at all; the shade central to this trend looks like what we picture a new Starbucks drink called cherry mocha would look like—a deep, nearly black, purplish-maroon shade reminiscent of a real-life black cherry.

Black, African-American woman with cherry mocha colored nails


This shade is actually has a long history, with its most recent resurgence being under the cherry mocha moniker. If you've been painting your nails since the '90s, you probably saw this shade and instantly remembered Chanel's iconic Vamp polish, which sent the world into a frenzy over the dark red-black shade. The shade has been reformulated and renamed a few times, but you can still get your hands on a similar one with Chanel's Rouge Noir ($32). 

White, caucasian woman with cherry mocha colored nails


While "cherry mocha" perfectly describes the color that's going viral (with over 3 million views and counting), it's not just a new name for a classic fall shade, it's an actual polish color. DND's Cherry Mocha ($8)—and TikTok's obsession with it—is what kicked off the trend in the first place.

Cherry Mocha's rise in the trend cycle also coordinates with grungier, edgier fashion being similarly as mainstream as when Chanel's original polish first hit the scene. Influencers and fashionistas are pairing the sultry shade with everything from their casual, day-to-day athleisure to "rockstar girlfriend" makeup," leather looks, and ballet flats. Because, well, it really just goes with everything.


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