Tattooist doy is one of the most famous tattooists in the world.
Brad Pitt, Lily Collins, and Steven Yeun got their tattoo from Doy.
His delicate snake design moved to nail design for this project.


"Hello. My name is Doi, a tattoo artist based in Seoul. “We are working to change the law in Korea, where tattoos are illegal, and to create a tattoo artist labor union to come together and share care of the group.”
Artist Friends 'Doi' is a Korean tattooist and one of the most famous tattooists in Korea, having performed tattoos on actress Han Ye-seul, global actors Brad Pitt and Lily Collins, and Steven Yeon of the movie 'Minari'.
I am counted as one person.
The delicate and beautiful images he drew through this donation project
A simple and elaborate tattoo drawing transferred to gel nails"

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