10 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Can Definitely DIY

Close up of a milky manicure with one blood drip accent nail


When it comes to Halloween, many of us love going all out with elaborate costumes, spooky decorations, intricate makeup looks, and, of course, over-the-top manis. But sometimes, we want to embrace the season in a more low-key way. (Or we didn't snag a manicure appointment in time.)

Whether you are a nail art newbie, don't have the time to perfect an elaborate mani masterpiece, or prefer a more understated approach, we gathered some of our favorite designs that will add a touch of spirit to your Halloween ensemble, no pro skills required. Read on for 10 simple and easy nail ideas to recreate this Halloween.

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Bloody Good

A milky manicure with one accent nail with a bloody detail


If you want something simple but undoubtedly spooky, consider topping a milky base with a red blood drip design. Celebrity nail artist Elizabeth Garcia—a master at achieving the drippy look—suggests using tools you probably have around the house to get the look: bobby pins or toothpicks. She recommends dabbing on small circles with your bobby pin (or toothpick), then going back and connecting them by drawing on the lines.

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Boo-tiful Designs

Close up of a manicure with drippy, spider web, ghost, and stitch accents


This manicure showcases fun, iconic Halloween imagery in a simple and natural-looking way. To get a similar look, just top off a glossy, neutral manicure with French tips and drippy accents on some fingers and nail stickers—like those found on Deco Miami's Spooky Sheet ($10)—on the others.

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Slime-Time Entertainment

Close up of a bright green manicure with a glittery top coat


For an effortless yet evocative Halloween mani, consider a solid color with a shimmer or chrome finish. Rita Remark, global lead educator for essie, says green nails, like this shimmery slime set, are "perfect for showing your witchier side without being obvious about it. Vibrant green nails are still very on-trend for fall, so you can... nod to the season without disrupting your fashion sense."

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Ghosts With the Most

Close up of a manicure with black and white French tips and a ghost accent nail


Nail art is much more achievable when you opt for a single accent nail. For this set, start with a classic almond-shaped French manicure on four out of five fingers. (To add a minimalist twist, consider painting every other nail black.) Then, add tiny white and/or black ghosts to your designated accent nails.

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Up in Smoke

Close up of a manicure with hazy, smoky French tips and evil eye accents


Hazy tips might seem hard to achieve, but getting the look is easier than you'd think. After your base color has dried, Garcia says to add some ink to the tips of your fingernails; then, "take your brush of choice, dip it in a bit of alcohol, and touch the existing ink that's already on the nail with it," she says. "The ink will diffuse and separate, creating a super cool effect." She recommends finishing off the look with a matte top coat.

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Spooky Doodles

Close up of a manicure with accent nails featuring spooky doodle


Decals and nail stickers can help you achieve a detailed nail look without the heavy time commitment; "There are no nail art skills or tools required," says Remark. "It is, however, very important that you apply them properly to prevent them from lifting." She shared her steps for flawless decal application:

  1. "Make sure... the base nail color is completely dry before applying the sticker. If it's still tacky, the sticker won't stick."
  2. "Try applying the decals with a tweezer; this makes placement easier and prevents oils from our fingertips interfering with adhesion."
  3. "Always apply [the stickers] beneath a top coat. [A ]top coat will seal them in. It's ideal to use a thicker, more voluminous top coat—essie's Gel Couture ($13) is a great option—because it covers the decal seams much better."
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A Medusa Moment

Close up of a Medusa-inspired 3D ombre manicure


These enchanting nails feature an ombré transition from a subtle nude at the base to a bright shade of green along the tips, topped off with a shimmering line of gold that evokes Medusa's serpentine locks. This mystical manicure is the perfect blend of sophistication and fantasy—making it an ideal look for the Halloween season.

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Shimmering Cuticles

Close up of a clear/nude manicure with sparkling black cuticles


This bewitching design features a single, delicate line of shimmering black polish along the cuticles while the rest of the nails are painted in a glossy, your-nails-but-better shade. The look is super easy to achieve but captivating and unique for the spooky season.

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Midnight Magic

Close up of a matte black manicure topped with celestial star and moon nail art


This celestial set gives off witchy vibes without immediately reading as "Halloween," making it perfect for those seeking a more ambiguous set. While pros can top the black polish with freehand gold drawings, you can get a similar look with nail stickers. Whichever method you choose, you'll want to seal everything in with a matte top coat.

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Pretty in Pumpkin

Close up of a solid orange manicure


Of course, you can always skip the nail art altogether and opt for a solid-color mani in a Halloween-y shade instead. That includes black, white, and green, but we have a soft spot for orange—it's perfect for fall in general, looking just as seasonal on November 1 as it does on October 31.

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