Hi, Nail friends.
Let me introduce our team UUUUU.

We started as a nail community in 2019
and has been continuously introducing innovative new nail products,
developing new materials and patented technology, and creating a new nail culture.

We aim to create the best at-home nail experience
for women and men who strive for perfection.

We are all at-home nail enthusiasts and very serious about nails.
Our CEO Jenny and co-founders studied at the best universities and built careers as Creative director, CTO, Doctor of Chemistry, Head of brand, and at cool companies.

We're smart people and have always been busy, but at the same time, we couldn't give up fashion and trends, cool vibes.
Especially nail art was our problem.
We were not satisfied with a few self-care products and nail salons.

So, we started the nail tech startup 'UUUUU' for people just like us,
and we are taking a new approach to nail art.

We want to be with you as a good brand and good people.
We promise Simple but BEST QUALITY in the world, Diversity, and the Right act.
Every moment in your life when you want to get your nails done,
we hope we are a part of it.

New approach to nail art, UUUUU.


UUUUU's logo is shaped like nails!
You're really smart if you knew that beforehand.